Gratulalunk az ujabb utjahoz. Dr.Grubits Janos Sopron/Magyarorszag
Honoured Mr Simonyi, kedves Karoly! I wish for You and Your family the best - Hungary is proud of You...
Dear Charles/ Kedves Karoly, As a Transylvanian Hungarian I am extremely proud of you and your ideal gives us hope and strength to do something important for our people suppressed by Romania and something of capital importance for humanity. You are one of the main personalities of great Hungarians like Ed Teller, Michael Curtiz, Ernq Rubik, George Soros or Alexander Korda who are well known not only in Hungary but also in US. God speed you, dear Charles.
Oromomre szolgal, hogy egy magyar szarmazasu ember nem felejtette el gyokereit, és a baratsagat szorta szet a viagegyetembe. Tisztelettel:(HA9MCC)
Dear Sir, This isn't a question rather a statement. You are all Hungarians new gr. Szechenyi Istvan (Stephan Szechenyi). The Greatest Hungarian from now on also calls Simonyi Karoly (Charles Simonyi).
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Welcome back to the Earth. Dmitri (I was your and Paul Alen host during your visit in Moscow in 1991 or 92 (do not remember already:) it was already couple of years ago))
Gratulalok! Farkas Balint irigykedhet. Apropo, nem lattam Boratot a fogado bizottsagban. Miden jot kivanok!
EXCEL feels like a universe to me expanding with acceleration, every time new version is released. How the heck did you make it?? I doubt I would ever even conquer the universe you created. And you fly away, having made me stuck!!!
nagyon sokat gondolunk rad, jo leszallast kivanunk, SAFE LANDING, nemeti csalad
Congratulations to a re-enrty according to plan and a safe return to Earth! Just watched the landing on NASA TV and its been very interesting to follow your whole trip.
Dear Charles! Best wishes for a safe return! Bela
Kedves Karoly! Jo hallani a hangodat az urbol! Mindent sikerult megoldanod, amit terveztel? Biztosan fog hianyozni, a repules! Kivanok szerencses foldeterest! Hugi Tatabanya Magyarorszag
Hello Charles my name is Andi (this is my Nickname because much people can`t speak out Andrijan)! I`m a very interested Ham Radio Listener. I have Holydays right now and when ever it`s possible i listen on 145.800 Mhz when the ISS crossing Europe. So i want to say please send some SSTV Pictures. I wish you a great time on ISS
Dear Charles, Thanks for the brief chat this morning over amateur radio. I called you from my car in the parking lot at work. I wanted to include "Greetings from the Microsoft Visual Studio development office in Raleigh, NC", but I was so nervous I couldn't get it out :-) Your trips have provided us all inspiration that someday we will be able to go, too. 73 de AJ4MJ Raleigh, NC Grid FM05 1516 UTC 6 April 2009
Follow up on question 172: Thank you Charles. For leading the way. Spending the time, vast money and dedication to follow your heart. You are paving the way, as you have always done, to open up new directions for mankind. For people on Earth. Some will call you foolhardy,Hero and other - I call you the best friend to mankind. Show us all what we can dream can happen with focus and heart. Safe return, de-orbit and landing. Thank you for answering my question and I wish you well Charles. If I ever have the chance to meet you, I will be thankful ( not for me, nor my two amazing children , but for my grandchildren who will take up the endeavor to move mankind forward. Into the future. My best days were my children, my legacy will be the Solomon name in space, yet to be written. ps. Please mention to both Mike and Eurie- amazing job, I have watched them both be 110% each day. I even recognize the tone and how each message is delivered and received. You all are amazing people. I am only one but with thousands we grow and develop. Safe Landing Peter
Szia Karoly! Gratulalok a csodalatos utazasaidhoz! Joleso erzes, hogy velunk radiozol a vilagurbol! Tovabbi sok sikert es jo egeszseget kivanok!
Dear Charles! Thanks everything what you do! Although you're living in the U.S.A, but I think you're more hungarian as most in Hungary. The whole country is very proud of you! You could be model for the future generation. Thanks again.
Thank you for spending time with the students from Milwee Middle School. Our son Blake asked you the fourth question. We are very proud of him, and enjoyed listening to you chat with the students. We had a great "space" experience!!!
Charles, Thanks for the phone call from space! Incredible. Zillow employees were in utter disbelief. They thought I was playing an April Fools joke on them. I posted that I chatted with you on Twitter ("ET Phone Home") and have gotten tons of "No Way!" type comments. You couldn't sound healthier or happier, Charles. Come home safely,
Charles, it's been a pleasure to track your mission through your website. I look forward to all your blog entries and the insight via answers to all the wonderful questions. God speed!
Dear Charles: Delighted to see that you're safely at the ISS, despite some docking excitement. All Hertz Fellows join me in wishing you a safe return -- and we look forward to seeing-&-hearing in detail of your space adventures as the featured event at a National Retreat of the Foundation, just as soon as you can schedule this!
Got 3 SSTV images today from the 23:14UTC pass over north america. Very clear. Keep them coming. Maybe we can have a voice contact also. Keep up the good work. 73's KI4WRM EM56
Dear Charles, You are welcomed from Retsag/Hungary and at the same time we all congratulate you not merely as a famous expert and scientist, but as our country fellow. During your journey and stay in space we wish that all your plans of your visit be fulfilled and obtained, with a lot of good personal and scientific achievements and successful accomplishments as well as experiences. We Hungarians are very proud of you and wish you all the bests in your future as well. Also on behalf of a lot of people.
I'm just amazed to see you did answer to all questions here, it's unbelievable and in the same time nice what you do. Not too many millionaires get engaged with day to day people, A+ for you. I was born in Romania and moved in US 3 years ago, I just want to wish you good lock and have fun out there, come back safe.
I have been following your updates since your first second of take off and will follow carefully....Good luck hope to see you land on earth safely and by April. Good luck.
Dear Charles, From the Officers and Crew of USS MCINERNEY (FFG 8), congratulations on being back in orbit! Would be great to talk again, but I understand you will be extremely busy. Take care and stay safe - Keith P.S. Watch out for space junk!!!
Dear Dr. Simonyi, I'm wishing you a most spectacular, gratifying, and safe second journey to the International Space Station! Please know that all of us at Eastside Astronomical Society are still basking in the glow of your wonderful presentation for us this past October -- and that we are all rooting for you on your splendid adventure. Please say "Hi" to Lisa and her father for us too! All the best!!
Congratulations. I'm a former MSFT employee and think it's great that you are using your money to go into space. I always wanted to be an astronaut since I had a GI Joe in the mid-60's with a Mercury capsule. I actually interviewed and was accepted to NASA when I graduated College in the early 80's. I decided to go for my MA degree and study AI. Anyway, enjoy the ride. You deserve it and have motivated many people.
Dear Sir, Thank you for sharing your journey to the space and international space station. For me, who haven't got resources experiencing space travel, this stories, pictures and comments are so important to see human journey beyond the earth. Hopefully someday I can work for and with you. God bless you and the crew.
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