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Video: Launch Day - Charles launches to space on Soyuz TMA-14

Video showing the launch day preparations and launch of the Soyuz rocket carrying Charles and his crew into space. 
Launch Day: Charles launches to space on Soyuz TMA-14

Charles launched into space at 17:49 local time from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, reaching orbit successfully in just under nine minutes.  With him were Commander Gannnady Padalka and Flight Engineer Mike Barratt.
Launch Day 1: Leaving the cosmonaut hotel

The day begins with the crew leaving the cosmonaut hotel (or quarantine) where they have been staying for the previous couple weeks.
Launch Day 2: Crew preparation

Following a short bus ride the crew dons their spacesuits; completes a suit pressurization check and then meets with officials and the media.
Launch Day 3: Official report of readiness

Before getting on the bus to the rocket the crew makes their official report of readiness to dignataries including Mr Anatoly Perminov the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency.
Launch Day 4: Soyuz TMA-14 on its way to space

Video: Rollout of the Soyuz rocket

Two days before launch the Soyuz rocket that will carry Charles and his crew into space is rolled out to the launch pad and raised into position.
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